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For 20 years, we have been delivering quality products and services – making us the preferred partner for business design and creative design consult.

Awards and Recognition

At our company, our employee-owners are driven by a shared mission:
to be one of the most skilled designers in the world.

  • ISE Award

    Year: 2016
    Project:  Venice smart table
    Award Focus: HomeAV Furniture

  • A’ Design Award

    Year: 2013 – 2014
    Project: RMagic Stone Aroma Diffuser
    Award Focus:  Design Quality and Innovation

  • Red Dot design Award

    Year: 2013
    Project: Quarza coffee machine
    Award Focus: Product design

  • Plus X Award

    Year: 2013
    Project: Quarza coffee machine
    Award Focus: Product design

  • Tabletop Innovation Award

    Year: 2012
    Project: Egg Chair
    Level: Gold Winner

  • Good design Award

    Year: 2011
    Project: Tasty
    Award Focus: Tabletop

  • The World’s Most Prestigious Global Awards

    Year: 2011
    Project: Tasty
    Award Focus: New Product Design and Graphics

Good design come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.

Nicola Zanetti
CEO - T&D Shanghai co. Ltd

what our clients are saying

Achieving client objectives, satisfaction and trust.

In addition to sound technical competence, a very constructive and flexible workforce and close / supportive management team. Would willingly recommend or be available for testimonial or ‘private’ viewing etc.

Jonathan Ben Izebe
Jonathan Ben Izebe

Segno Inverso had great input from the time we were initially approved the pre-design through the successful design of our new brand. We felt Segno Inverso was our partner in this endeavor and kept our best interests in mind. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff. One of the best testimonials I could give is that given the opportunity to design again, I would choose SI !

Kevin Nkunku
Kevin Nkunku

I was completely confident we could deliver the project on time, for the agreed upon price, despite having less than eight months in which to design. Such confidence comes from the long-term relationship of our team with a proven record of excellent results…. I am very pleased with your work, as I have been for twenty-five years.

Mrs. Linda
Mrs. Linda
CEO - JK Decor

“Our knowledge comes from the projects and the people we worked together.”

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